LGBTQ Center

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning Center

Campus Allies

Since its inception in the Spring of 2012, nearly 400 members of the Wake Forest community have completed the Safe Zone training program, including the following faculty and staff allies*:

Jennifer Abbinett, Human Resources

Jeffrey Adair, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Nancy Aguillon, Wake Forest Scholars

David Ajamy

Nicholas Alberston, East Asian Languages and Cultures

Celina Alexander, Multicultural Affairs

Aileen Alge

Gray Allen, University Advancement

Martha Allman, Undergraduate Admissions

Keith Allred, Information Systems

Debra Alty, Office of the Provost

Jack Amoureux, Political Science

Mark Anderson, Creative Services

Megan Anderson, Facilities and Campus Services

Kathy Arnett, Campus Life

Alison Ashe-Card, Law School

Alison Atkins, Spanish

Laura Aull, English

Shannon Badgett, Budget and Financial Planning

Mimi Bair

Lauren Baltimore

Wanda Balzano, Women’s and Gender Studies

Laurel Banks, Advocacy & Support

Lauren Barber

Jennifer Barlow,  Romance Languages

Kaylan Baxter, Pro Humanitate Institute

Alessandra Beasley, Communication

Margaret Bender, Anthropology

Carol Benford, Advancement

Karen Bennett, Dean of the College

Ken Bennett, Advancement

Glenn Bergesen, University Advancement

Adam Bernot, Residence Life and Housing

Wendy Berrier, Human Resources

Melissa Berry

Rachel Berry, Graduate Student

Maura Beyer, Graduate Student

Emily Blake, Pro Humanitate Institute

Andrea Bohn, Campus Life

Julia Blackwell, Graylyn Conference Center

Damian Blankenship, Information Systems

Steven Block, School of Medicine

Sarah Boekircher, Advancement

Patricia Bolling, University Police

Craig Bollins, University Police

Molly Bolton, Residence Life and Housing

Patricia Boone, Advancement

Megan Bosworth, Advancement

Kara Bowser, Law School

Savannah Bradley

John Brice

Nicole Brocato, Institutional Research

Allen Brown, Online Education

Franklin Brown, Undergraduate Admissions

Tara Brown, Human Resources

Wanda Brown, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Alan Brown, Education

Anna Brown, History

John-Mark Brown, Graduate Student

Christy Buchanan, Psychology

Elizabeth Grace Busby

Kristen Bryant, Student Life

Kyle Bryner, Anthropology

Charlene Buckley, Student Life

Melanie Bullock, Student Engagement

Kathy Bunn, Dean of Summer Sessions

Caitlin Burchette, Student Life

Tammy Burke, Dean of the College

Christian Burris, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Tyler Burrows, School of Business

Jenny Bush, Real Estate

Ryan Butler, School of Business

Amber Byerly, Information Systems

Cynthia Byrd, Reynolda House

Presley Byrd, Information Systems

Richard Caban-Cubero

Jane Caldwell, Athletics

Dawn Calhoun, Undergraduate Admissions

Alan Cameron, Counseling Center

Andrea Canterelli, Counseling Center

Carmen Canales, Human Resources

Michelle Cardi, Learning Assistance Center

Annie Carlson, Student Life

Rex Carter, University Police

Bethany Chafin, WFDD

Denisha Champion, Counseling Center

John Champlin, Professional Development Center

Elizabeth Chapman, Parent Programs

Laura Chin, Information Systems

Kathryn Christman, Campus Life

K. Virginia Christman, Chaplain’s Office

Amy Ciaccia

Kimber Clark, Learning Assistance Center

David Clark, Schools of Business

Melissa Clark, Schools of Business

Bennett Clifford, Student

Matthew Clifford, Residence Life and Housing

Melissa Clodfelter, Professional Development Center

Tara Coady, Student

Tracey Coan, Law School

Shannon Coleman, Office of Academic Advising

Amy Comer, Research & Sponsored Programs

Christopher Copeland, School of Divinity

Larry Correll-Hughes

Claudia Cornwell, Human Resources

Timothy Covey, Information Systems

Carol Cramer, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Michael Croal, Office of the Dean of Students

Sara Cromwell, Anthropology

Nancy Crouch, Information Systems

Angela Culler, Human Resources

Luellen Curry, Law School

Margaret Cutler, Registrar

Sara Dahill-Brown, Political Science

Takira Dale, Volunteer Services

Elizabeth Dam-Regier, Human Resources

Marissa  Daniel, School of Business

Michelle Darlymple, Information Systems

Ellen Daugman, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Barry Davis, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Cindy Davis, Biology

Krista Davis, Information Systems

Tanner DeBellis

Jennifer deGuzman, Schools of Business

Kyle Denlinger, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Charles Digerolamo, University Police

Kriss Dinkins, Information Systems

Hannah Dobie

Mario Downs, Staff

Liv Dubendorf, Residence Life and Housing

Anna Dulin, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Jasmine Dunham

Sylvia Durant, Advancement

Kristy Eanes, Residence Life and Housing

Julie Edelson, Research & Sponsored Programs

Susan Edwards, Research & Sponsored Programs

Stephanie Edwards, Information Systems

Maureen Eggert, Law School

Eric Ekstrand, English

Mary Elkins, Advancement

Jeff Eller, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Andrea Ellis, HR/Office of the Provost

Nancy Fauser, Biology

Bethany Fay, Human Resources

Miki Felsenburg, Law School

Jacquelyn Fetrow, Physics

Sarah Fick

Lesia Finney, University Police

Rebecca Fisher, Advancement

Robert Fisher, University Police

Dustin Fletcher, Music

Amanda Ford, School of Business

James Ford, Religion

Michael Ford, Student Development

Lauren Formica

Brittany Forniotis, START Gallery

Sharon Fortner, University Police

Amanda Foster, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Karin, Freideric, Anthroplogy

JER Friedenberg, Theater and Dance

Emily Friend

Matthew Fuxjager, Biology

Joy Gambill, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Susan Garcia, Graduate Student

Kevin Garrity, Graduate Student

Shannon Gartland, Student

Paul Gauthier, Undergraduate Admissions

Meredith Gay

Samantha Geary

Marianne Gendy, Information Systems

Kevin Gilbertson, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Michele Gillespie, History

Brittany Glaser, Graduate Student

Annalise Glauz-Todrank, Religion

Julius Goble

Kyle Goggans, School of Law

Mary Grant, Graduate Student

Morey Graham, Human Resources

James Gravely, University Police

Jonna Leanne Greer, Student Union

David D. Grier, Medical School Admissions

Amy Grybush, Graduate Student

Tomma Guastaferro, Professional Development Center

Fahim Gulamali, Pro Humanitate Institute

Steven Gunkel, Sociology

Andrew Gurstelle, Anthropology

Louis Gusbar, School of Business

Stephanie Gusler, Graduate Student

Kathryn Hackworth, Financial & Accounting Services

Lashonda Hairston, Advancement

Toby Hale, Dean of Summer Sessions

Jessica Hall, Student

Deborah Hallstead, Office of the Provost

Joanna Hamilton, Economics

Tamara Hampton, Schools of Business

Ulyshala Hampton, Student

Will Hargrove

Kevin Harrell, Campus Life

Therese Harmon, Dean of the College

Jaira Harrington, Politics and International Affairs

Lisa Harris, Residence Life and Housing

Wesley Harris, Multicultural Affairs

Michele Hartle, School of Business

Becky Hartzog, Campus Ministry

Lean Justine Haynes

Emily Hedrick

Diane Henderson, University Police

Peter Hennighousen, Information Systems

Shayla Herndon-Edmunds, Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Kimberly Nicole Herring, Communication

Crissey Hewitt, University Advancement

Dorothy Hill, Counseling Center

Darnell Hines, Advancement

Katherine Holland

Beth Hoagland, Office of the Provost

Angela Hobbs, Law School

Perry Holding, School of Business

Brianna Holland, THRIVE Wellbeing

Kristen Honeycutt, Human Resources

Beth Hoover-DeBerry, Reynolda House

Amanda Horton, Student Life

Tracy Howell, Information Systems

Sarah Hoyle

Paul Hudson, University Police

Kathleen Hutton, Reynolda House

Matthew Imboden, Schools of Business

Andrew Imboden, Residence Life and Housing

Sally Irvin, Law School

Catherine Irwin-Smiler, Law School

Marie Isaacs, Schools of Business

Norma Isakow, Office of the Provost and the Teaching and Learning Center

Cherise James, Residence Life and Housing

Ashley Jansen, Graduate Student

Eranda Jayawickreme, Psychology

Sarah Jeong, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Melissa Jenkins, English

Chet Jessup, University Police

Brian Johnson, Undergraduate Admissions

Danette Johnson, Information Systems

Theodore Johnson, University Police

Vicki Johnson, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Dedee Johnston, Office of Sustainability

Amber Jolley, Graduate Student

Ashley Jones, Residence Life and Housing

Doris Jones, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Marc Jones, Facilities & Campus Services

Amanda Jones, Chemistry

Erica Jordan

Lara Kammrath, Psychology

William Kane, Information Systems

Molly Keener, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Greg Keener, WFDD 88.5

Steve Kelley, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Sarah Kerchner, Law School

Vicki Keslar, Office of Personal and Career Development

Elliote Kiel

Amanda Kim

Stella Kim, Romance Languages

Mary Knight, German

Brenda Knox, Online Education

Mimi Komos, Human Resources

Sonia S. Muthoni Kuguru

Nick Ladd

Hillary Lambert, Counseling Center

Sara Lane, Schools of Business- Career Management Center

Melenie Lankau, Schools of Business

Kelly Larrimore, Student Life

Carol Lavis, University Theatre

Regina Lawson, University Police

Abby Lay

Marshall Levon Lawrence, Jr., Facilities and Campus Services

Nancy Lee, Human Resources

Christy Lennon, Human Resources

Elizabeth Leslie, Residence Life

Molly Lineberger, Graduate Student

Kayla Lisenby, LGBTQ Center

Mary Beth Lock, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Sheila Lockhart, Religion

Colleen Lofton, Women’s Center

Karen Logan, Advancement

Jessica Long, Office of Personal and Career Development

Ricardo Lopez, Information Systems

Sharon Lunsford, School of Business

Marianne Magjuka, Student Life

Magdalen Majors, German

Ellen Makaravage, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Andy Maldonado, University Security

Lilli Mann, Staff

Caleb Marley

Arron MarloweRogers, Undergraduate Admissions

Tyler Maron

Bridget Marrs, Facilities & Campus Services

Mandy Martin, Budget and Financial Planning

Rick Matthews, Physics and the Office of the Dean of the College

Gretchen Mazumder, University Advancement

Alta Mauro, Multicultural Affairs

Katherine McBroom, Counseling Center

Leslie McCall, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Carolyn McCallum, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Kierra McClinton

Kristen McClure

Donna McGalliard, Residence Life and Housing

Pattie McGill, Campus Ministry

Kimberly McGrath, Creative Services

Stepanie Mckee, Graduate Student

Doris McLaughlin, Human Resources

Jennifer McLean, THRIVE Wellbeing

Kaeley McMahan, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Sandra McMullen, Center for International Studies

Robert McNamara, Counseling Center

Robin McNeill, University Police

Carl McPhail

Allison McWilliams, Office of Personal & Career Development

Kate Mewhinney, School of Law

Paige Meltzer, Women’s Center

Aimee Mepham, Humanities Institute

Barbara Meredith, Provost’s Office

Shamora Merritt

Lori Messer, Research & Sponsored Programs

Melissa Mickles, Human Resources

Virginia Mikkola, Information Systems

Tammy Millaway, University Police

Japri Miller, Undergraduate Student

Tim Mitchell, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Amy Mohan, Benson University Center

Jordan Monaghan

Beth Montplaisir, Student Health

Alexis Moore, Undergraduate Student

Gregory Moreau, Residence Life and Housing

Kristen Morgan, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

William Morgan

Kurstyn Morley

Buzz Moser, University Stores

Hattie Mukombe, Undergraduate Admissions

Dana Muto, Residence Life and Housing

Lyn Myers, Schools of Business

Aishwarya Nagar

Amanda Nantz, Graduate Student

Katherine Neal, Advancement

Tatianna Nelson

Ann Nguyen

Linda Nichols, Purchasing

Maria Nkonge

Barbee Oakes, Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Carrie O’Brien, Center for International Studies

Robert O’Connor, Dean of the College

Preston Oldham, University Police

Kathy Orms, School of Medicine

Liz Orr, Office of the Chaplain

Hakeem Oufkir

Sydney Packard

Maria Paredes, Counseling Center

Anita Patel

Kaushalya Patel, Human Resources

Nilam Patel, Information Systems

Sam Perrota, Provost’s Office

Rebecca Petersen, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Kenneth Pettigrew, Divinity School

Vanessa Pettis, Schools of Business

David Phillips, Humanities Institute

Michael Pisapia, Political Science

Adam Plant, School of Divinity

Nancy Pleban, Office of the Dean of Students

Jennifer Plemmons, University Stores

Bradley Podair, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Terence Polk, Office of Academic Advising

Wayne Pratt, Psychology

Lauren Pressley, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Cecil Price, Student Health

Jennifer Price, Facilities & Campus Services

Eric Proctor, Human Resources

Julia Prokesora

Tyler Pruitt, Information Systems

Laura Quinn, Religion

Thomas Quinn, Department of Counseling

James Rae, University Police

Tanisha Ramachandran, Religion

James Raper, University Counseling Center

Sherry Ratliff, Information Systems

Andrew Ray

Ted Reavis, Residence Life and Housing

Kari Reece, Human Resources

Danny Reeves

Mary Reeves, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Scott Rhodes, School of Medicine

Peyton Risley, Campus Life

Peter Rives, Office of Wellbeing/Thrive

Andrea Roa, Human Resources

Kim Robertson, Advancement

Nicole Rodriguez-Pastor, Residence Life and Housing

Natascha Romeo, Student Health

Catherine Ross, Teaching and Learning Center

Chelcie Rowell, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Leah Roy, Theatre and Dance

John Ruddiman, History

Penny Rue, Vice President of Campus Life

Rick Rumley, University Police

Joanna Ruocco, Faculty

Melde Rutledge, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Elizabeth Sandy, Financial Aid

Bruce Sanspree, University Police

Kristy Sauerbry, International Studies

Mary Scanlon, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Louise Schatz, Counseling Department

Spencer Schiller

Marianne Schubert, Counseling Center

Lori Scott, Business

Frances Scott, Law School

Kelly Segovia, Human Resources

Janae Shaheed

Vinithra Sharma, Center for International Studies

Jennifer Shelton, University Police

Lucy Shen

Kathy Shields, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Ryan Shirey, English

Heather Shoemaker, Schools of Business

Michael Shuman, Learning Assistance Center

Amy Shuman, Counseling Center

Cindy Shultz, University Police

Alexandra Silber

Laura Simpson, Student

Shelley Sizemore, Student Development

Justin Sizemore, Facilities & Campus Services

Hannah Slodounik, Office of Sustainability

Cassiel Smith, Office of Multicultural Affairs

Sarah Smith

Susan Smith, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Lisa Snedeker, Law School

Mattox Snow

Christina Soriano, Theatre

Jesse Sorrell

Terri Sparks, Sociology

Leigh Stanfield, International Studies

Darlene Starnes, Multicultural Affairs

Monesha Staton, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Phyllis Steele, Human Resources

Catherine Steffan, School of Business

Carrie Stokes, Humanities

Hannah Storey

Patricia Strickland, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Hannah Stroup, Graduate Student

Wade Stokes, University Advancement

Manasia Sturdivant, Undergraduate Student

Patrick Sullivan, Office of Personal and Career Development

Stephen Sullivan

Lynn Sutton, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Christina Sun, Public Health Sciences

Sasha Suzuki, Dean of the College

Mitchell Tague

Jeffrey Tate, Residence Life and Housing

Kathy Taylor, School of Law

Sharonna Taylor-Howard, Office of Academic Advising

Kevin Teasley, Campus Ministry

Rosalind Tedford, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Donne Terry, Human Resources

Michael Terry, WFDD 88.5

Emma Thacker, Education

Tracy Thomas, Student Health

Oliver Thomas, Divinity School

Amanda Tingle, Wake Forest Scholars

Wesley Todd, Residence Life

Chris Towles, Campus Ministry

Jo Ann Trethaway, Divinity School

Analyse Triolo, School of Divinity

Jean Trowbridge, Advancement

Varian Tunstall, Dean of the College

John Turner, University Advancement

Frida Islas Valdez

Sarah Valentine

Revanth Veeramachaneni

Nancy Via, University Police

Ron VonBurg, Communication

Tiffany Waddell, Office of Personal & Career Dev

Amalia Wagner, Provost’s Office

Kelley Waite, Student Health

Barbara Walker, Athletics

Cheryl Walker, Advancement

Stacey Walker

Amber Wall, Calloway School

Brigham Wall, Advancement

Marybeth Wallace, Office of the President

Amy Wallis, Business

Vicky Wang

Gary “Sergio” Ward, University Police

Cindora Washington, Information Systems

Charlene Watkins, Budget and Financial Planning

Dawn Watkins, University Police

Teresa Watson, Facilities & Campus Services

Carol Weaver, University Police

Rachel Weaver, Information Systems

Meghan Webb, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Kathryn Webster

Shane Weimer, Office of Academic Advising

Van Westervelt, Learning Assistance Center

Elizabeth White, Advancement

Tiffany White, Office of Sustainability

Olivia Whitener, Anthropology

Steven Wicker, Instructional Technology Group

Lisa Wilkinson, Calloway School

Amy Willard, Office of Personal & Career Dev

Beth Williams, Humanities

Evelyn Williams, Schools of Business

Jakala Williams

Matt Williams, Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Sherri Williams, Communications

Sydni Williams

Richard Williams, Theatre and Dance

Denise Williard, Residence Life and Housing

Angela Wilson

Arthur Willson

Jacob Wilson

S. Lavi Wilson, Student Health

Sarah Wojcik, Information Systems

Hu Womack, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

Leya Wood, Information Systems

Sharon Woodard, Health & Exercise Science

Shan Woolard, Office of Personal and Career Development

Evan Woolford, Information Systems

Alyse Worley, Human Resources

Kimberlee Yalango, Graduate Student

Xi Yang, Graduate Student

Mir Yarfitz, History

Tanya Zanish-Belcher, ZSR Library

Linda Ziglar, Z. Smith Reynolds Library

WFU Student Government fall 2015 (trained as an organization, individual students listed above)

*Names listed with permission. If your name is listed in error, please contact us at