LGBTQ Center

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning Center

Kaleidoscope Chapel Service Guest Speakers

A Virginia native, Rev. Brenden Boone is the Pastor of St. John’s Metropolitan Community Church in Raleigh where he has been pastor since 2001. He received his undergraduate degree at Hampton Institute, and was a magna cum laude graduate of Wesley Theological Seminary in 1996. In addition to his duties as pastor, Rev. Boone is the Network Lead for all MCC churches in North and South Carolina.

Pontiac, Michigan native Dawn Flynn received her undergraduate degree in entomology from the University of Georgia, and her Master of Divinty degree from Duke Divinity School. She served as pastor for three different United Methodist churches over a ten year period as a man. Dawn lost her credentials in the UMC after being labeled an “obsessive compulsive crossdresser,” but this was also the catalyst that ultimately lead to her to live her life as a woman. Dawn now works as an entomologist for the Shiele Museum of Natural History in Gastonia, NC, and is the Minister of Congregational Care at MCC Charlotte.