LGBTQ Center

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning Center


The LGBTQ Center offers a number of programs designed to educate and engage our campus community. Scroll through to view upcoming opportunities, or reach out to us to discuss planning a program of your own!

Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour Fall 2016 FlierThe LGBTQ Center hosts a Coffee Hour every Thursday (when classes are in session) from 3:00 -4:00 pm in Benson 311. Stop by for coffee, tea, cookies, and comfy couches. Allies are welcome!

Discussion Groups

Fall 2016 Discussion Groups

Our Discussion Groups are small caucus-type groups that meet once a month or so through the semester. They provide a safe, semi-structured space for folks to discuss different aspects of identity and issues that relate to their identities and communities. Discussion group topics may change from semester to semester depending upon interest and availability of facilitators. All discussion groups meet at 6:00 pm in the LGBTQ Center Meeting Room (Benson 311A). 

Please note, our discussion groups are meant to serve as a gathering space for students who identify with or may be questioning they way they experience or relate to the identity being discussed. We ask that you please consider the overall purpose of the discussion groups when deciding whether or not to attend.  If you are interested in gaining more information about the LGBTQ community as a whole or learning more about programs and events offered at Wake Forest University, we encourage you to attend a Coffee Hour or Safe Zone workshop, or reach out to a member of the staff. Please email Kayla Lisenby at with any questions or concerns on this matter.

Bi the Way

Bi the Way seeks to offer space for discussion, support, and community building for people who identify as non-monosexual or attracted to members of more than one gender; this might include individuals who use terms such as bisexual, pansexual, queer, fluid, polysexual, and many others. Bi the Way will examine topics such as coming out, self-identity and labeling, assumptions and stereotypes, and much more. The group meets on Tuesday evenings and is facilitated by Kayla Lisenby, the Program Coordinator for the LGBTQ Center.

Bi the Way meeting dates for fall 2016 are September 27, October 25, and November 29.

In the Life (ITL)

In the Life (ITL) is a discussion group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) students of color to discuss their experiences and build a community of support. ITL meets on Thursday evenings and is facilitated by Kaylan Baxter and Fahim Gulamali, both staff members of the Pro Humanitate Institute.

In The Life meeting dates for fall 2016 are September 22, October 6, and November 17.

QWake: Coming Out at Wake

QWake is a safe and welcoming conversation space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning students at any stage in the coming out process. The group will discuss topics ranging from self-discovery and self-acceptance, to coming out in various social and support circles, to finding and nurturing queer community at Wake Forest. QWake meets on Thursday evenings and is facilitated by Kayla Lisenby, the Program Coordinator for the LGBTQ Center.

QWake meeting dates for fall 2016 are September 15, October 6, and November 10.




Trans/Action is a group that serves as a discussion, support, and advocacy group for trans and gender non-conforming students, and examines different topics related to gender each month. The group meets on Wednesday evenings and is facilitated by Adam Plant, a graduate of the WFU School of Divinity and consultant to the LGBTQ Center.

Trans/Action meeting dates for fall 2016 are September 20 (Tuesday), October 5, and November 2.


Unbounded Wholeness

Unbounded Wholeness is a safe and welcoming space for LGBTQ students and allies to share personal experiences and ideas around the intersections of faith, spirituality, and LGBTQ identities. The group meets on Mondays and is facilitated by Kevin Garrity (LGBTQ Center graduate intern), and Amanda Kerr. Both Kevin and Amanda are students in the Wake Forest School of Divinity

Unbounded Wholeness meeting dates for fall 2016 are September 12, October 10, and November 14.

Free HIV/STD Testing

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