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Oral History Project

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Calling all Wake Forest LGBTQIA Alumni!

Are you interested in sharing your story? The students from Dr. Angela Mazaris’s public history class are seeking volunteers to participate in oral history interviews on LGBTQ life at Wake Forest. These interviews will form the basis of an exhibit on Wake’s LGBTQ history that will be mounted in the ZSR Library this December, as well as a larger book project on Wake Forest’s LGBTQ history. We are seeking stories from alums of all ages and backgrounds, and you do not need to have been “out” during your time at Wake to participate (and have a valuable perspective!).

Interviews will be carried out at the Rising Voices LGBTQIA Alumni Conference in October. If you have photographs, objects, or memorabilia that you are willing to lend us or let us photograph, we would appreciate that as well. Dr. Mazaris is the director of Wake’s LGBTQ Center, and teaches in the History and Women’s and Gender Studies departments. She is a trained historian, and will be supervising the work of all students in the class. If you are unable to attend the Rising Voices Conference but interested in participating in the oral history project, please contact Dr. Mazaris directly at

Your stories are the heart of the project, and we would love to have you participate in telling this important chapter of Wake’s history.

Thank you for considering participation in this project!