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Student Speakers Bureau

The LGBTQ Center is excited to announce the formation of a Student Speakers Bureau. Composed of LGBTQ-identified and ally students, the Speakers Bureau exists to educate the Wake Forest Community about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and ally experiences through panel discussions and presentations in classes, residence halls, and other university settings. Members of the Wake LGBTQ and ally community have received training for this purpose enter into these discussions prepared to give accurate information; to answer questions that students, staff and faculty may have about the realities of LGBTQ lives; and to introduce the heterosexual, gender normative majority to visible members and allies of this largely invisible minority. Through the Speaker’s Bureau we hope to create an atmosphere of respect and acceptance for all individuals within the Wake Forest community.

Members of the Student Speakers Bureau are happy to present in classrooms, residence halls, Greek organizations, diversity workshops or retreats – just about anywhere! If you are interested in having the LGBTQ Center Student Speakers Bureau present to your organization, please fill out the following form, or send an email to If you are interested in joining the Speakers Bureau, please see below.

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Join the Student Speakers Bureau

All LGBTQ-identified and ally students are invited to become members of the Speakers Bureau. You may join by enrolling in WGS 377D, Communication Across Differences: LGBTQ and Allies Peer Education, taught by Center director Dr. Angela Mazaris. This course is offered one semester per year. You may also become a volunteer. Contact Angela Mazaris at for more information about volunteering for the Student Speakers Bureau.