Safe Zone

Safe Zone is a campus wide program designed to educate students, faculty, and staff on LGBTQ identities and experiences and build their skills in actively building a Wake Forest community that is inclusive of people of all sexual orientations and genders. During a Safe Zone workshop, participants will learn language that relates to the LGBTQ community, identify some of the issues facing LGBTQ individuals on campus, develop skills for being an ally to LGBTQ people, and learn about resources to LGBTQ people on campus and in the community. Safe Zone prepares individuals to create an environment in which all people are free to thrive academically, professionally and personally.

Following completion of the introductory Safe Zone workshop, participants are invited to be a part of the Safe Zone Network – a visible network of students, faculty, and staff who have taken the Safe Zone workshop and are committed to implementing the knowledge they gained in building a more inclusive campus community. These individuals can be identified by their Safe Zone decal, and a directory of Safe Zone members is available online. With Safe Zone certified individuals found across campus, students can seek providers of safe space and feel reassurance that the experiences they are having are not compromised by their LGBTQ identity.


Power of Pronouns

The Power of Pronouns is a stand alone workshop that focuses on the power asking and correctly utilizing pronouns has in respecting others and the impact that creating space for respectful use of pronouns has on creating an inclusive environment. Participants will review promising practices related to sharing pronouns in a variety of spheres, and will have the opportunity to practice including pronouns in introductions, asking others about their pronouns, and more!