D.E.A.C. Allies Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is D.E.A.C. Allies?

    D.E.A.C. Allies is the central platform for education and skill building offered by the LGBTQ+ Center. It includes in-person programs and workshops, remote offerings, and other opportunities to learn and grow in community.

  • What happened to Safe Zone?

    D.E.A.C. Allies is the new iteration of Safe Zone at Wake Forest University. WFU offered Safe Zone workshops from 2012-2019.

  • Why is this not called Safe Zone?

    The LGBTQ+ Center changed the name of our educational offerings from happening under the banner of “Safe Zone” to operating under the banner of D.E.A.C. Allies to reflect changing times and understandings of the role of the workshops. While many campuses and organizations use a Safe Zone or Safe Space model, we choose to use D.E.A.C. Allies in order to focus on the active participation and ongoing development required by workshop participants in order to create inclusive and welcoming communities for all.

  • I’m part of the LGBTQ+ community – do I need to be involved with this?

    We invite all members of our WFU community, including folks who identify as LGBTQ+, to join us for any D.E.A.C. Allies offerings in which they are interested. D.E.A.C. Allies offers a scaffolded learning approach, and participants can engage in any/all offerings that fit their needs and interests.

  • I did Safe Zone at another institution – should I do this?

    If you have taken a Safe Zone or similar workshop at a previous institution, we still invite you to engage in our D.E.A.C. Allies program! Participating in D.E.A.C. Allies is a valuable opportunity to network with colleagues at WFU who are also interested in developing empowering and affirming communities, and offers you the opportunity to learn information specific to our WFU community. You are welcome to engage at the level you feel best fits your current knowledge level and interests in furthering your knowledge and skills.