Support the LGBTQ Center! Here are three ways your gift can support LGBTQ students at Wake Forest:

LGBTQ Center Student Development Fund

Want to support LGBTQ student leadership development at Wake Forest? The LGBTQ Center fund allows students to participate in activities like our Change Agents program (link to student leadership) attend national conferences, and engage in LGBTQ-related leadership activities that engage both their curricular and co-curricular educational experience. This year, gifts to the LGBTQ Center fund allowed us to take 16 students to Detroit for the Creating Change conference! Contact Angela Mazaris for more information.

Wake Forest LGBTQ Scholarship Fund

This endowed fund will provide scholarship support for an undergraduate student who has engaged in exemplary service and leadership for the LGBTQ community. To make a gift to the LGBTQ Scholarship Fund, please contact Mike Haggas at

The LGBTQ Emergency Fund

This fund provides emergency support to students who have been cut off financially because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The fund augments existing financial aid offerings to ensure that students are able to continue their education without interruption. For more information or to make a gift to the LGBTQ Emergency Fund, contact Mike Haggas at