Programs & Events

The LGBTQ Center offers a number of programs designed to build knowledge and skills around LGBTQ+ identities, facilitate connections between members of our WFU LGBTQ+ community, and engage our campus in actively creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations.

Some of our core programs include our Identity Spaces, which are caucus spaces for different groups within the LGBTQ+ community to come together and share space and build support networks, Q’nnections, a new in fall 2020 community and conversation space for students to connect in a casual way, Filling our Cups, a monthly program that looks at healing, spirituality, well-being, and more, with a specific focus on disrupting hegemonic structures and narratives, and LeadOUT, an ongoing leadership development program that centers LGBTQ+ experiences and offers a unique lens through which to develop personal skills and competencies.

We also have a number of signature programs that occur each year, such as New Deac Week events, Queer History Month, and Lavender Graduation.

Interested in collaborating with the LGBTQ+ Center? Looking for a program that does not exist yet and want to make it happen? Reach out to the LGBTQ+ Center — we are always excited to hear new ideas and activate new partnerships across our campus community! If you already have an event in mind and are seeking collaboration or co-sponsorship, please complete ourĀ LGBTQ + Center Co-Sponsorship Request Form.