Binder Rental Program

The LGBTQ+ Center runs a binder program for Wake Forest students to increase access to gender affirming products. Students can try out a binder for two weeks with an option to renew for up to six weeks.

Binder rental process:

1. All binders are from gc2b. Review their website for color and size options. You can also stop by the LGBTQ+ Center in Benson 311 to look through available binders

2. Please complete this form to get started. If you are interested in a size, style, and/or color combination not in the LGBTQ+ Center’s inventory, the Center can order it for you (it may take a few weeks to arrive)

3. You can expect to hear from a Center staff member within two business days about next steps! Please reach out to if you have additional questions. 

4. Binder will be available for pickup in the LGBTQ+ Center. After two weeks, you will be asked if you want to renew.

5. If you are interested in owning a binder but cost might be a barrier, please reach out to the Center at to discuss financial assistance options.

Binder Safety: 

  • Binding for more than 8 hours or overnight is not recommended
  • Keep cool and stay hydrated while binding to avoid overheating
  • Monitor skin for breakage, irritation, redness, or bruising
  • Stop binding with any trouble breathing, dizziness, or cut off circulation
  • Please visit the gc2b website for more information.

Binder Care:

  • Wash and dry using a laundry bag and the delicates setting
  • Recommended to wash the binder after each use, but at least once a week

green poster for the LGBTQ+ Center's binder rental program

contains image of a medium-brown skin tone binder
Flier for Binder Rental